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prtimes is here to put your brand in the spotlight. If you are looking to boost the visibility for your brand and engage the target audience, we are here to help you out. To come in the spotlight you have to reach the right people at right time and it is we who can do this for you.

Sponsored  post

Prtimes can promote your service or your product via our Sponsored posts. We showcase your post in an unique way which makes your audience hungry for the greatest. The article must be of high quality and original.

Terms for sponsored post

  • We have right to edit sponsored post which is not written by us.
  • Sponsored Post may be labelled with a tag just above the title or not labelled as per the client’s choice.

Note: As payment options we accept PAYPAL, Credit and debit card payments and bank transfers.

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Additional services

If you think you are a expert in tech field and want to showcase your expertise. Share your Knowledge, Experience and unique ideas with Prtimes through articles.

Submission guidelines

  • Preferred topic for the article is “technology”.
  • Articles must not Contain plagiarism.
  • We don’t approve AI written articles.

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